We believe that, for the most part, films should have good endings.

We feel that fiction, in particular, should have good endings.


Because we think there is enough stress in the real world, without movies ending badly.

Don’t you hate it when you devote time to watch a movie and then it ends horribly sad?

We do too.

We were tired of sifting through reviews on other sites, trying to make sure we weren’t about to watch a movie that ended badly – all while trying to avoid spoilers that would… well…. spoil the film.

We thought that other people might be tired of that too.

That is why we created DoesItHaveAGoodEnding.com

We are just getting started and we will build our database of movies as quickly as possible.  But this will be a site that you can go to and find out, quickly and easily, if a movie has a good ending – without a ton of searching and without spoilers.

We will provide a small amount of additional information in the “more info” section, but it will not contain spoilers.

So if you like the idea, please bookmark the site and the next time you want to know if the movie you are considering watching has a good ending, visit us and use the search field on the left-hand sidebar.  We will be adding additional movies on a regular basis.

We wish you a good movie and a good day!


So what are you waiting for?  Get searching.     🙂